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Computational Analytics Laboratory for Digital Social Science

CALDISS is a digital data and methods laboratory for everyone associated with the Faculty of Social Sciences at AAU. The laboratory is both a physical lab with workstations and hardware as well as a development environment which investigates and experiments with the possibilities provided by digital data, digital methods and software solutions.



CALDISS during corona virus countermeasures

Like most of AAU, CALDISS will suspends its activities with physical attendance from Thursday March 12th to Friday April 10th. All workshops in this time is cancelled and no workshops-on-demand will be planned.

At this time we cannot say whether or when replacement workshops will be held.

Question sessions will still be held but can only be attended digitally. Read more here.

Rooms and workstations are not available during countermeasures

As part of the countermeasures against the corona virus, Fibigerstræde 5 will be closed down from Saturday March 14th to Friday March 27th. This unfortunately means that CALDISS workstations and rooms will not be accessible in this time.

Take care of each other and yourselves! See you on the other side

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